The Top 10 Handheld Vacuum Cleaners

Handheld vacuum cleaners are great when you have to clean hard to reach areas, small areas, car interiors and steps.

According to BHV Guide, they are great for quick cleanups and wonderful when you have small kids and pets. But how do you know which is the best handheld vacuum cleaner for your needs?

First, decide what you will be using the vacuum for and whether you want a corded or cordless model. Once you determine that you also need to look at how well it performs, how portable it is, and what features it offers.

Just remember that you will ultimately be using your handheld vacuum for several different purposes so try to pick one that will mat all of your needs.

After doing some research and reading a lot of reviews, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10. Since I couldn’t find agreement on the exact order I am listing what I have determined are the 10 best models available. You should take the time to check out the features of these models to find the one that will best fit your needs.

  1. Black & Decker Flex Cordless – There are several different models but they all seem to be rated well. This vacuum is rated high in performance, ease of use, versatility and price.
  2. Eureka Easy Clean (Corded) – The cord on this vacuum allows for extra power and great suction. This one is a favorite among pet owners because it picks up pet hair quickly and easily. This model is also great on stairs and hard floors. If you don’t want a cord in the way, this one is not for you; however, if you want something that keeps on running through all your jobs, this is a great choice.
  3. Hoover Platinum Collection LiNX Cordless – This is the favorite among pet lovers. It has a special pet brush and picks up pet hair better than the rest. It also has a dusting brush. One of the best features is that this cordless has long lasting battery power.
  4. Dirt Devil Gator (Cordless) – Dirt Devil makes several Gator models, each of which is cordless. It has good batter life and the rotating brush allows it to go from carpet to floors to upholstery easily.
  5. Shark Cordless Pet Perfect – This is another great option for removing pet hair and it works well on a number of different surfaces. It is very easy to take apart and put together, which is one of the most liked features of this vacuum.
  6. Black & Decker Pivot – Another great model for multiple surfaces and great at picking up pet hair. The price on this is great so if you are looking for a good deal this is one you should consider.
  7. Dyson DC34 (Cordless) – Everyone agrees that this vacuum has the best suction of any of the handheld vacuums. It has two power modes, high and Max. This model charges fast and has lasting battery power. This is the most expensive one but many people are happy to pay the price for the quality.
  8. FilterStream DirtTamer (Cordless) – This model is the only one that can handle wet and dry messes. It has a long lasting battery and good suction. The DirtTamer also has a spotlight to shine on the area you are cleaning so you can be sure it is clean.
  9. Black & Decker CHV1510 (Cordless) – This one has a unique feature, you do not have to keep your finger on the power switch to keep it running. It has good suction so it is great on a variety of surfaces and picks up pet hair well. Another model that holds its charge well.
  10. Bissell CleanView Deluxe (Corded) – Lightweight and portable even with the cord, it has great suction and is great for a variety of surfaces. Another great handheld vacuum for cleaning pet hair.

As you can see there are a variety of top hand vacuums on the market, from corded to cordless. This list shows the top 10 models available. Just remember to choose the model that fits your needs best.