Canister vs Upright vs Handheld Vacuum Cleaner for Pet Hair


Dog With Long Hair Lying Down on Floor

A pet is a wonderful companion, irrespective of whether you are single or have a family. Whichever pet you own, there is one thing that is common to almost all of them – shedding hairs. And as you know, the worst part about cleaning these hairs is that you need a vacuum specifically designed to get pet hairs out of carpets, sofas, car seats and where ever else your pet has been because a standard vacuum cleaner is just not suited for the job.

According to Floor Executives, there are three main types of vacuums worth considering for pet hair – Upright, Canister and Hand-held. Let us tell you about their differences and how to choose one that perfect for your needs.

An Upright vacuum is perfect if you own a big house and need to clean a large area and do it fast. It is also one of the easiest to use as you can clean while standing.

Upright cleaners are also the most powerful cleaners available and this makes them particularly suited to clean carpets and rugs. They also have come large dust bag so that you don’t have to frequently unloaded and clean the bag. Even the bagless models have a large bin for collecting the dust. They also have a brush bar that helps deep clean your carpet and get rid of every last hair on it. The same hose attachment may not always work for all surfaces. So, the upright vacuum cleaners usually come with various hose attachments which you can switch as per your needs.

Despite its many advantages, the upright vacuum also has a few disadvantages. It is bulky and is not easy to store. Moreover, it is not very useful if you want to clean hard to reach places like under the couch, at least not like how a vacuum with separate attachments can.

A handheld vacuum cleaner is best suited for cleaning furniture and cars and getting to those small crevices. Most of them can be hung on walls and thus take up very little space. The main advantage of handheld is its mobility. Because they are classified as a portable vacuum, you can carry it just about anywhere. It also has various attachments which you can change as per your needs. Due to its small size, it can only cover a small area. Therefore a handheld vacuum can only be used in addition to a canister or upright for cleaning the house. Although perfect for cleaning the insides of your car of pet hair, it is not suited for cleaning the whole house.

A Canister vacuum cleaner is a middle ground between an upright and a handheld. It consists of a long hose and a canister that has the motor and the dust collection bag or bin. The new models are as powerful as the upright ones. And they don’t take up a lot of storage space.

If you live in a flat or an apartment, then this is perfect for you. A canister vacuum cleaner is also the most versatile among all three types as you can even use it to clean vertical surfaces like curtains. It is also perfect for cleaning under the couch and under tables.

However, you need to drag the canister behind you as you move through the house. Not only is this troublesome, it can also cause dings on your furniture if you are not careful. You may not have uniform flooring throughout the house. Some areas maybe carpeted while others may not be.

In situations like these, most of the canister vacuum cleaners require you to change the head while switching from one type of flooring to another. This is a hassle and it also increases the time you take for cleaning. You can learn more about canister vacuums here:

Each of the three types has its own merits and demerits. The upright and canister models are enough on their own whereas the handheld model is only suited for localized cleaning.

Keep the following points in mind while choosing the perfect vacuum cleaner to clean your furry little friend’s hairs – the area you need to cover, the convenience you require, if you have trouble bending over to clean, the storage space available, the type of flooring and whether you need to clean only the floor or furniture as well. You can decide on your priorities and choose the perfect vacuum cleaner that satisfies all your needs.