Handy Tips For Hardwood Floor Cleaning

Hardwood Floor CleaningConsidered as classy, stylish, versatile and beautiful, hardwood floors are now popular among most homeowners.

Though, they can only earn these great qualities with proper care and maintenance which may be quite a hassle for many.

Without this, you will sooner or later be left with a dull, scratchy, old looking or matted floor.

This makes proper cleaning of hardwood obligatory for anyone with hardwood flooring.

This article educates you on simple tips that will make your hardwood floor cleaning easier.

  1. Sweeping – Sweeping should be done at least daily. You should make sure that you sweep each and every part of the floor, not forgetting tight corners and under furniture. This process gets rid of dirt and grit that could cause scratches on the surface of your floor. Hardwood floors usually have a delicate finishing that gives it that beautiful sheen and to keep it shiny, only brooms with soft bristles should be used. Sweeping with harder brooms usually increases the chances of having scratches on the floor.
  2. Damp Mopping – Damp mopping, commonly known as dust mopping is a quick way to ensure that tiny dirt particles left after a sweep are gotten rid off, especially when time to vacuum the floor is limited. It simply involves using a damp mop that has been placed in water and wrung almost dry and using it to wipe out dirt from the floor. Wood is known to absorb water easily and mopping your hardwood with a lot of water could lead to seepage which causes expansion of the wood thus leading to cracks, splinters or damage to the floor.
  3. Vacuuming – Since most of us have little time to keep the daily vacuuming schedule intact, saving some few days a week for vacuuming is enough. Vacuuming the floor gets rid of any hidden dirt and dust due to its ability to suck up dirt particles. Making use of the soft brush attachment during vacuuming will help prevent your hardwood from getting scratches. The crevice tool and other attachments should also be used to clean hard-to-reach areas and other tight spots like edges, crevices and under furniture. It is usually advisable to clear up 100% of the dirt since it could get deep into the wood thus giving your floor a dirty and old appearance. Vacuum cleaners with a beater bar attachment or rotating brushes should be avoided since they are more likely to cause scratches on your hardwood floor. If you decide to choose vacuuming as your method for obtaining clean hardwood floors, it shouldn’t be your only choice. According to Vacuum Companion, it should be the prerequisite to some other form of cleaning since vacuuming is pretty much limited to surface dust and dirt.
  4. Deep Cleaning – Deep cleaning methods for your hardwood floor greatly depend on their finishing, whether with a polyurethane sealant or other varieties available in the market. As a rule, you should avoid exposing these floors to a lot of water. This is because wood absorbs water and these floors could absorb it through cracks or scratches thus causing damage to them in the long run. Any kind of spills should be wiped immediately to avoid seepage through cracks or scratches as well as unwanted stains.
  5. Other tips that could prove useful to cleaning hardwood floors include mopping with boiled water added to tealeaves so as to achieve a beautiful shine caused by the tannic acid, using cleaners that don’t leave residue, cleaning sticky spots using a damp towel, using a mixture of mild soap or vinegar and water for mopping and removing stains by application of baking soda and then scrubbing lightly.

With these tips, your cleaning will be made easier and the results will be visible. Placing mats at all entrance doors to the house will always prevent dirt from getting into the room as it could later on cause scratches to the hardwood floor.

You should also throw area rugs in high traffic areas and areas such as under kitchen sinks to protect the floor from scratches, stains and damage due to water absorption and traffic.

All furniture should be installed with furniture pads under their legs to prevent scratches to the floor when moving them around. It is also a good idea to invest in vacuum cleaners that come with special barefloor attachments, like vacuums reviewed on Hardwood Champ, as they have been specially designed for bare surfaces like hardwood floors.