Best Tips For Cleaning Your Floors at Home

After reading about some great floor cleaning tips from Home Floor Experts, I decided to post some of my own tips for how to keep your floors shiny and clean all the time, by only using natural ingredients.

There are many detergents available on the market these days, that guarantee perfect cleanliness of your home but are they really your best choice?

Not only that they can create an extra burden to your budget, but most of them contain harmful chemicals that may cause damage to you and your loved ones if not handled with care. This is especially important for all of you with small children.

Good news is that, you can get extraordinary cleaning effects without endangering your health and all that from your own home laboratory!

Your home will look like the ones you see on TV commercials if you follow these simple tips for cleaning your floors at home:

1. Gather the ingredients for your homemade detergent

Grated Lemon PeelFor your homemade mixture, you are going to need:

  • 5l of white vinegar
  • Two fists of lavender flowers
  • Grated lemon peel

White vinegar doesn’t smell bad like the regular one, and it’s a great disinfectant and descaling agent.

Lavender flowers will give a beautiful pink color and nice fragrance to your mixture, while the more lemon you put in, the smell will be better and the mixture more efficient.

2. Let time play its role

After you have mixed all the ingredients into one bottle, put it away and let the ingredients blend for awhile. Time will be of great use to this process, so each time you are in need of detergent, simply strain the mixture into smaller spray bottles and that is it- you are ready to start cleaning!

3. Do the ironing

Before you start applying your mixture to surfaces, make sure you did a thorough ironing. If you didn’t do that part well, you will unnecessarily spread the impurities all over the place. Also, when ironing, you are preventing your floor from damaging, which will make it last longer.

4. Watch the magic happen

After you have applied the mixture, simply wipe it out with some sort of soft fabric. As it is made from organic ingredients only, there is no need for washing it out.

Sit back and enjoy the freshness of your home; not to mention the shine!

The product you got is effective, natural and inexpensive while all the ingredients are almost always at your hand. Due to the fact you are making larger amounts, you will never have a problem with running out of a cleaner. You can use the mixture you prepared for all other surfaces in your home as well, as this product is quite universal.

It’s quite a relief when you get rid of toxins and chemicals from your home and clean it in a natural and easy way. The whole area becomes clean naturally, what is far more suitable for people.

You will save yourself a lot of money, your home will become a safe place for your loved ones and everything will be perfectly clean and fragrant in a natural way.